Recognising the Signs of Burnout

In constantly changing times, how do you keep track of yourself and your team in relation to burnout? In a Deloitte survey, respondents said: 91% say having an unmanageable amount of stress or frustration negatively impacts the quality of their work 64% say they frequently feel stressed or frustrated and 77% had experienced burnout. The […]

Struggle to Strength

Why we struggle to thrive Life is busy, we have work, family, kids, friends, exercise, housework and it never seems to end. We can look back at the end of the week and say “I wish I had exercised, eaten better, spent more time with …(fill in the blank) , had more time to get to […]

7 Strategies on How to Shift Your Mood

Creating habits that allow you to shift your mood is beneficial for you and those close to you.  Knowing when you’re in a slump and having strategies to lift your spirits not only helps you, but has a ripple effect on those around you. It’s fair to say the last 20 months have been full of ups and downs, a lot […]

The Only Constant in life is change

Everything in life happens for a reason and whatever it is, it leads youto your next lesson. We can accept shit happens and learn to understand that these eventshappen to teach us something, help us grow and encourage us toview things differently and change, embrace challenges and use it as adriver to make changes for the […]

Coaching and Leadership

Leadership in life comes in all forms. What is common is that we all must lead ourselves, we make decisions for ourselves each and every day. What time to get up, what to eat, what to wear, who to engage with, what we feed our bodies, soul and minds. It’s all about leading yourself first. […]

Where Ambiguity meets Agility

This article has been taken directly from the Korn Ferry library. It resonated with me so I thought I’d share it.    The original article can be found on the Korn Ferry website.The pandemic’s perpetual uncertainty shows how leaders must be comfortable acting even when so much is out of their control, says Korn Ferry CEO Gary […]

Five Tips to Activate Your Brilliance

Sometimes we look at others and think they are born with an inherent trait that they are a genius, something given only to a special few who, those that we know about because they are celebrated publicly. The likes of inventors, billionaires, Nobel Prize winners and other public figures come to mind. “Accept and acknowledge […]

Why do people leave their jobs?

People leave or stay in jobs because of their bosses. Research by DDI’s Frontline Leader Project revealed that: “People leave managers, not companies. 57% of employees left a job because of their manager. 14% left multiple jobs because of their managers. And 32% percent have seriously considered leaving because of their manager.” So, what […]

10 tips for making a decision

In life there are times where we’re just not sure about which direction to go or what decision to make. Here are 10 questions that will help give you clarity: What are your main areas of interest / thoughts around this particular activity or opportunity? Has there been, or is there any interest in doing […]

You don’t always have to have the answer

Do you think before you speak? When you are in a conversation do you think about your answer before giving it and are you truly listening to what the other person is saying? Are you? Or are you forming your answer whilst they’re still talking? If so, you haven’t thought before you speak. Because you’re […]