Live your LYFE

6 weeks to discover how Leading Yourself First Everyday makes you a better leader

Leadership is a journey.  Whether you’re a first time leader, director or CEO you’ll be facing new and changing challenges.

Some days you will feel on top of the world; others you will feel like you’re juggling a dozen glass balls, and they’re smashing all around you.

As female leaders we are in service to so many people.  We are in service to our teams; to our own managers and boards; to our families and loved ones.  The person that comes last is usually you.

I know because that was me.  As a female executive with 20+ years experience, I have worked countless hours and put my health and wellbeing last to the point that my physical and mental health suffered.  And then I couldn’t work; I couldn’t lead; and I couldn’t support my team. 
I had to change my mindset

The problem is, putting yourself last leaves you feeling burnt out, stressed, exhausted and frankly, not able to perform at the level you want in any aspect of your life – not just in your career.

Many of the leaders I work with tell me they’ve lost confidence, motivation and no longer feel like they are able to achieve what they want.  Yet they are amazing, powerful and capable women who just need to shift their focus – the surprising thing is, that needs to start with putting themselves first.

So what can you do about it?

In this program we spend six weeks together focused on why, when you Lead Yourself First Everytime, you actually become a better leader. 

Over our journey together, we will:

At the end of the LYFE program you will:

What my clients say...

The LYFE program includes:

If nothing changes, nothing changes.
So are you ready to make a change now?