Do You Have a Positive or Negative Approach?

What’s your general outlook on life? Are you a cup half full or half empty?  Or maybe your cup might have a hole in it and all the good stuff just slips through and you don’t even notice it? When things don’t go as planned do you only see the problem, the negative in the situation or do you look for a positive?

Your mind is very powerful, so if you “think you can” or you “think you can’t” – you are right! You are right because your mind will prove you right. Your thought process will cause you to view situations in either a positive or negative light.  And because of this, you will look for (and find) facts, situations, actions that “prove” your thought.

Remember:     Positive anything is better than negative nothing. 

Think about this scenario:  You’ve booked a holiday to a beautiful sunny place, one that is known for sun, sand and fun.  You know that place, that one, the one you’re thinking about. 

Think about the excitement for you and your family as you’re packing, going to the airport, landing and getting off the plane in that holiday destination and you are really pumped and excited about this holiday.

Then the day before you are due to fly out, you look at the weather forecast so you can see just how warm and beautiful it is going to be on the day you land in your sunny vacation place.

And guess what?  The weather forecast is for thunderstorms and rain for the next two days.

What do you do – where have your thoughts gone? 

Have you responded with “oh that’s just great isn’t it, there goes our holiday, the first 2 days are going to be rained out”.

Do you look for the positive, the silver lining?

By looking at the positive you are looking for a solution to the rained out days and you’re not dwelling on the negative.
This small shift in perspective means that you are in SOLUTION mode and not focussing on the problem.  You are looking for the positive in this situation.

You never know what you’ll find – you might just find a wonderful new experience that you wouldn’t have come across had the weather been bright and sunny.

So when rainy, cloudy times come your way – are you going to look for the silver lining and see what else you can do. Are you going to sit and wallow in the rain or are you going to dance in the rain?

It’s up to you, you do have a choice.

“A man is but the product of his thoughts.  What he thinks he becomes”  

Mahatma Gandhi (Indian Leader)

What are you thinking?  Are your current thought patterns helping you lead a life of fulfilment and opportunity, or are they holding you back and keeping you on the hamster wheel?  

Next time something doesn’t go to plan, be aware of your thoughts, catch them and see if they are wallowing in the rain, or taking advantage of the rain and dancing in it?  If your natural approach is to see the worst case scenario, look for opportunities on how you can use this unexpected turn of events into a learning or growth opportunity.  Better still, how can you use this situation to take you on an even better path than the one you had planned? 

If you can’t see the silver linings in situations and you want to be able to, seek out a Coach or NLP practitioner and work with them, they will be able to help you look for the silver linings and find something good in challenging situations.

About the author

Helen Luxford is a Leadership Coach, Hypnotherapist and NLP practitioner.  Helen’s passion is helping  stressed professionals turn overwhelm and uncertainty into calm and confidence in 6 weeks or less.

Helen is an experienced Executive and HR Leader.  Helen combines her corporate experience with her qualifications and skills in coaching, Neurolinguistic Programming and Hypnotherapy to provide tailored programs for her clients. 


Helen is the co-author of Amazon best-selling book, Heart Centred Leadership.


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