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Finding Your Confidence

Ignite your confidence, discover and reconnect with what's important to you and move towards the life you want.

When we are confident, we are ready to handle life's experiences.
Having confidence means we are more likely to see opportunities and move forward with them, we're also more likely to engage with others and not back away from them.
And if things don't work out as we planned, or if we stumble, confidence allows us to keep going and try again.

If you have low confidence, you are less likely to see opportunities, experience new or different things or reach and meet new people.
And if things don't go as planned you're less likely to keep going or to try again.
A lack of confidence can hold people back from reaching their full potential.

Why is Self-Belief so important?

Have you ever been told that your kind, clever, funny, smart, creative, good at sports, a great student or something similar?
When we receive praise, or others recognise our skills and abilities, it can boost our confidence - so long as we also believe this about ourselves.

If you experience that negative self talk or self-doubt that's the opposite of self-confidence.

Confidence comes when you really believe in yourself and your skills and abilities.
The best way to do that is to start small and do things that stretch you, but also are achievable. This allows you to stretch a little at a time, to help you grow your confidence by "doing" - taking action, learning and practicing to build your skills in any area.

Being confident helps you move forward to discover and develop in new ways and build your capabilities.
When we try and do new things and can see what we're capable of, we can take pride in our achievements which helps us build our confidence even more​

The Wheel of Life

What is important to you in your life?

The Wheel of Life is an effective tool to help you understand the important areas in your life.  It allows you time to think about where you are now, and where you would like to be in certain areas of your life, such as, Love, Work, Relationships, Financial security,  Connection etc. 

It’s up to you to decide what areas you want to focus on, the tool allows you to look at and focus on aspects of life that are important to you.

By following these simple steps, this tool will help you better understand which areas of your life are flourishing and which ones you would like to be different.  

Once you recognise gaps in areas that are important to you, you can then create a plan on how to bridge those gaps.

Let me know how you go using this simple, but effective tool.

Tapping - Emotional Freedom Technique

EFT is a technique that can help in reducing anxiety and stress, below is an example of how I use tapping.

  1. Begin by getting oriented.

Stop wherever you are and take a deep breath in . . . then let it out, and begin tapping with your fingertips on the side of your hand
(the fatty area beneath your pinky on your other hand) – and keep going

As you do, notice how you’re feeling (anxious, stressed, worried, depressed, etc).

Sit with it for a moment.       

And then while still tapping:


  1. Give the feeling a name
    Give that negative feeling/thought/emotion a name.  

This will be your focus for the exercise.   (Continue tapping.)      

Close your eyes


  1. How strong is it?

How bad does it feel from 1 to 10 — 10 being the most intense.  (continuing tapping – tap on.)


  1. “Tap in” and repeat

Keeping your eyes closed and whilst still tapping, notice what you’re feeling in your body; be present to it.

Then think of a comforting phrase like, “I choose to relax and feel safe now.” or  I’m letting go of   _________

Tap through the sequence points    Tap each point below on your body eight times consecutively (like you’re sending Morse Code), repeating your comforting phrase three times as you do.
Continue tapping and reciting while you work your way down your body…

  1. Top of the head / crown . . .
  2. Side of the eye (near your temple) . . .
  3. Under the eye (under your pupil) . .
  4. Under the nose . .
  5. On your chin . . .
  6. On your collarbone . . .
  7. Return to the top of your head / crown …
  8. End by squeezing your wrist and saying “calm, peace”
    (or a word that resonates with you)
  9. Relax and drop your hands
  10. Check In – Notice how different you feel – how does it feel different now? 

Repeat the sequence until you get that number down low or to a zero or a comfortable level for you.

Each time, notice how your anxiety is lessening and fading away.    
You may want to replace your comfort phrase with one word and say
“Even more now I’m _______”         Notice feelings of calm growing in your body.

Check back in with that negative feeling you no longer have and notice the feeling that you’ve created.

Positive Intent – You can also do this to add in a positive state – do the same technique and say a positive phrase or word as you tap each point.

EFT Demonstration

Work Smarter - Master Time Management

A free eBook on how to Work Smarter and Master Time Management.

There are templates at the back of the book that you can use to help you identify where your time goes.

Let me know your thoughts on the book.