The Only Constant in life is change

Everything in life happens for a reason and whatever it is, it leads youto your next lesson. We can accept shit happens and learn to understand that these eventshappen to teach us something, help us grow and encourage us toview things differently and change, embrace challenges and use it as adriver to make changes for the better.

We can accept what’s happening around us or stick our heads in the ground and try to ignore what’s going on.

When something happens, it’s normally because something isn’t right.  Whether that be you getting sick because you’re not taking care of yourself (self-care), gain weight because you’re not eating healthy, you’re in debt because you overspend on trivial things and regret it later, you’re unhappy at home, work, school because you’re trying to control things outside of your control, and sometimes, things just happen. 
When things happen do you view it with a lens of “it happened to me” or “it happened for me”?  
Changing your view by just a little and look at events as life lessons that are happening to teach you something about yourself (or others) is a good way to look for opportunities and lessons in challenging situations. 
Think about a ‘bad’ situation you’ve had in your past – what happened, what did you learn, how do you do things differently now because of that experience? 

We can’t control external factors, but we can control how we respond

There are things that we just can’t control and we need to accept that. We can’t decide when a new baby
is going to be born, accidents, Covid-19, redundancies at work, world-events etc.
When things happen instead of complaining and focussing onthe negative of the situation, or falling  apart and being a victim, you can focus on what you CAN control in that situation. 
We can always control our response to anything and by acknowledging and doing so, we take back power for ourselves and our actions.  This activates parts of our brain that will help us see opportunities instead of problems.

By becoming a victim, you are surrendering to the event and can fall into a phase where you can be easily influenced by focussing on the negative. 

This can lead to unhealthy habits forming, eating unhealthy food and justifying it as “comfort food”, drinking too much, doing drugs or other things to try and remove yourself from the perceived problem. 
However, when you realise that there are things you can control, your focus changes.  You can control you! 

Use this as a platform to look for opportunities.  Where there is good, there is bad, where there is light, there is dark, it’s what you focus on that matters.  You can’t have a rainbow without the rain.

So next time you’re caught in a metaphorical rain storm, look for shelter, grab your umbrella (those tings that you know make you happy), learn new ways of doing and ask for help if you need it.  Then when the rain has past, you can enjoy the colours of the rainbow.

About the author

Helen Luxford is a Leadership Coach, Hypnotherapist and NLP practitioner.  Helen’s passion is helping  stressed professionals turn overwhelm and uncertainty into calm and confidence in 6 weeks or less.

Helen is an experienced Executive and HR Leader.  Helen combines her corporate experience with her qualifications and skills in coaching, Neurolinguistic Programming and Hypnotherapy to provide tailored programs for her clients. 


Helen is the co-author of Amazon best-selling book, Heart Centred Leadership.


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