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I'm Helen Luxford

I'm an empowerment coach who helps women build confidence
by finding clarity and creating positive lasting change in their life

If you're feeling unsure, stuck, lost or just don't know what to do next - book a free 30 minute consult by clicking on the calendar below. 

I can help you discover what's important, find clarity and build your confidence to create the shifts you want by helping you:

* build your confidence
* find clarity
* learn techniques to help you calm your mind
* create strategies to build resilience
* change or eliminate negative thoughts
* let go of past anger, fear, hurt, shame, sadness
* improve communication and relationships
* change bad habits and behaviours
* get unstuck
* discover and set goals to create the future you want
* quieten your inner critic and reduce self-doubt 
* reconnect back with yourself and allow your light to shine

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A bit about me

I'm a Graduate Certified Organisational Coach, an NLP Master Practitioner, a Board Certified Hypnotist and an experienced coach and mentor and hold accreditations in many other modalities.

I worked in human resources for over 20 years, including coaching people for the last 13 years, which has allowed me to hone my skills through experience and continual self-education. I have a natural confidence and openly share how I harnesses it to move through life's ups and downs.

My passion is helping you find your confidence, to discover and express what’s important to you and to take back control of those parts of your life that may be out of control or that you've been unable to find, unlock or express.

With over 20 years’ experience in working with others to bring out their best, I know how to create and hold space to allow you to express yourself and to process and produce the changes you're seeking. Find out more about my journey below. 

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Let your light shine and step into you

Let Go of what's Holding You Back
and Unlock your Hidden Potential


Why work with Helen?

If you're feeling unsure, stuck, lost, don't know what to do next - book a free 30 minute consult with Helen (see calendar above).

I can help you:
* discover what's important
* learn how to create time in your life for things that are important 
* let go of past hurt, anger, sadness, fear, trauma, beliefs that are no longer serving you, or that are keeping you stuck
* understand the strength you have within
* help shift your mindset to "what can I do?"  instead of "I can't"
* make a plan on what you want and create a path to achieving it
* connect with your inner self and become reconnected and aligned
* reconnect with your hearts desires and let your light shine
* be empowered to go after what you want and deserve
* find your voice
* be you!

My approach incorporates many modalities and techniques to help you achieve the shifts and changes you want and I help you get results . . . because the way I work is different.

I combine multiple modalities and approaches based on what you bring to each session.

My passion is to help you identify and create the shifts you're looking for and I'm dedicated to making a difference by helping you find and shine your inner light.

I walk along-side you as you explore new domains and ways of being, to become and express the person that you are inside.

Life is full of ups and downs
Whilst I've always had a certain level of confidence, this doesn’t mean life has been all strawberries and cream.  In fact, part of living is experiencing ups and downs and I've had my fair share of them. Not only did I have to navigate through not being able to have children, I've also experienced some pretty awful jobs and worked 80+ hour weeks, became burnt out and was on anti-depressants.  

Neurology and You
Our mind is an amazing thing, it stores every memory of everything we’ve ever done – and we don’t even realise it.
The job of our mind is to keep us safe, and it does its job really really well as it stores all of those memories, good or bad and it recalls them when we find ourselves in a similar situation in the future, whether we like it or not.
And it influences our thoughts, actions, behaviours and outcomes based on outdated, old memories – that may not be serving us now.

Ready To Get Started Here Today And Achieve This Amazing Thing?

Lead with Value, top call to action.

Work with Helen

Upcoming Opportunities For You To Reconnect and Let Your Light Shine

I work with you and help you find what's important to you, what's blocking you and to be able to see things differently by focussing on what you want, not what you don't. 

This unlocks your hidden ability and helps you learn from the past, to recognise and see it for what it is . . . the past.  Whilst we can't change the past, we can acknowledge it, learn from it and change the emotional triggers associated with past events to free you up to see your world through your eyes now.  It helps you shift old beliefs that are no longer serving you or that may be holding you back and create a new vision of your future. 

Click on the calendar above and book a time to chat about how you can gain clarity, build your confidence and step into the life you want.

If you want to discover, ignite and show up powerfully in all areas of your life,
by reconnecting and identify what's truly important to you then reach out
to find out more about the new Discover, Align, Shine, 4 month program
kicking off early 2023 or the Evoke 6 month program or, DM, call or or email me at or book a time for a FREE 30 minute consult, in the calendar above.

More about Helen

Let your light shine.
I am passionate about helping others and want to share with you. I hold space, guide and support you to help you see the world with a new perspective.

I help you break free from anxiety, fear, stress, old patterns and limiting beliefs that are no longer serving you and empower you to make the kind of profound, lasting change in your life that you are seeking. 

My mission is to connect with you to facilitate change and to help you transform your life in a powerful and positive way.  I am able to empathise and support you to embrace challenges and navigate through tough times, because I’ve done it myself.

Even though I’ve always been a ‘confident’ person, it doesn’t mean I haven’t had to face my own challenges along the way.

I grew up in a middle class family and am the youngest of five children.  Our home was busy with five kids, and we nearly always had someone from the extended family living with us in our little three bedroom, one bathroom home, so it was a house full of energy.

My life includes growing up with an alcoholic mother, watching my brilliant, bright father fade away and forget who I was because he had dementia, I lived through the torment of trying to have children and not being able to (even though there was no medical reason why), I combatted anxiety and depression and even though I am confident, I am human and still fought negative and limiting self-beliefs at times and I've discovered so much about myself along the way during my healing journey.

What I've learnt, both through personal experience and from my clients, is that with all the ups, downs, trials and tribulations that life can throw at you, you’re stronger than you think and it’s ok to say you don’t know what to do next, ask for help or reach out so you can navigate your journey with some support.

I’ve had some amazing family, friends, coaches and mentors help and support me and without them I wouldn’t be where I am today.

Combining coaching and hypnosis in my sessions allows me to guide my clients to experience profound shifts, release unwanted or trapped emotions, overcome limiting beliefs and change their mindset to move forward with more confidence.

I have helped clients that have worked with counsellors or other traditional therapists for years who have not been able to achieve the results they want and by completing a program with me they’ve been able to create the shift they want.



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"This headline gets attention"

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Proven Results

What Other's Are Saying

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"I found exactly what I was hoping for through Coaching"

Through my coaching program with Helen, I left each session with increased confidence and an action plan clear in my mind. Helen's skill for understanding what I was experiencing and feeling, often without me having to say it, meant that she could question, challenge and support me at the exact times I needed. I found exactly what I was hoping for through coaching - Clarity and the space to think through some ways of moving through personal and professional blockers with someone committed to facilitating my growth"

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"I have no hesitation in recommending Helen"

I have worked with Helen a number of times solving practical goal setting dilemmas, as we as very personal inner conflicts. I find Helen to be a very knowledgeable and stabilising person to talk to. She is diligently attentive and she ensures my focus stays on track, making our time together as productive as possible. She effortlessly blends sensitivity with sensibility, making her coaching stretch me out of my usual private self. I have no hesitation in recommending Helen if you are looking to get more out of life and need help with the next steps to take. Whether that be eliminating emotional or mental obstacles or helping you organise your multitude of thoughts into coherent attainable objectives."

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"Helen has repaired a life time of torment, heartache and change for the better"
Having just finished my third session of hypnotherapy with Helen, I can honestly say that in the many years of trying to work with others in the medical and/or therapy field, Helen has remarkably been the one professional that has in a sense, repaired a life time of torment, heartache and change for the better, my mindset. Helen made me feel relaxed and comfortable beyond words, each week leading up tot he last. I cannot speak highly enough of the professionalism and care that Helen brought to our sessions. Thank you once again Helen for all that you are and all that you do.

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"Since working with Helen, my life has truly transformed"

I experienced the most amazing empowerment coaching with Helen and she guided me in releasing subconscious blocks and helping me to step into my fullness, unapologetically and authentically. Helen is an expert at what she does and puts her heart and soul into her work and clients. I am so grateful to have crossed paths and be open to her gifted guidance, healing and coaching. It has allowed me to come on leaps and bound and since working with Helen my life has truly transformed. I have so much more trust, peace and acceptance in my life and would thoroughly recommend working with Helen if you want to level up, heal, grow and transform."



"She listens and gives you the space you need"

I recommend Helen, her attention to detail is commendable!
She listens and gives you the space that you need.
She pushes you to do what you need - no excuses.



"Her coaching has been a transforming experience"

I am glad that I got a chance to connect with Helen over few sessions on self development, she is a very inspiring individual and a great mentor.
Her coaching has been a transforming experience.
She has immense potential and knowledge to facilitate your journey and accelerate you through higher levels of excellence."

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Ready to step into the life you want and deserve?

Is there something in your life that you'd like to change?

  • There was a time when I lost all belief in myself but with support, I bounced back
  • When I suffered burnout I had to stop, take stock
    and identify what was really important to me
  • Do you ever feel like there's a piece missing
    but you're not sure what? 
  • ​Have you ever felt stuck, lost or alone?

Me to! 
If you're feeling similar to any of these or experienced a disconnect in any part of your life, reach out and let's have a chat. 

Book your free 30 minute consult by clicking this button and choosing a time that works for you.

Your Mindset Matters

Change your mind,
change your life

  • If you want to make a change, you're in the right place
  • I can help you build your confidence so you can express yourself, ask for what you want and live the life you want and deserve 
  • You can shift your mindset and let go of the things that are keeping you stuck
  • You can create the life you want

and click the button below to book
a free 30 minute consult

Change your mind, change your life

The way I work, is that I work with you and help you shift your mindset, to learn from the past and I guide you to let go of what's not helping you or is interfering with you living in the present and creating the future you want.
This approach allows you to free yourself from old patterns that keep you stuck and that are no longer serving you –
so when you’re ready, click on the calendar above and book a time to chat about how
you can step into the life you want and let your light shine.

Helen has a gift in helping others and she wants to share that with you.
She helps empower you make the kind of profound, lasting change in your life. To help you break free from anxiety, fear, stress,
old patterns and limting beliefs that are no longer serving you.

Step into life with confidence, connect with what's important to you and learn how to ask for what you want
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